Saturday, June 30, 2012

It all started when...

Now it rains! Today i went to go finish pumphouse painting and ofcourse ten minutes after i get set up and going, it starts pouring down rain! What the heck!? I had to get something done so i just painted in the rain for and hour and a half. God has a weird sense of humor sometimes.

Here's the story. Last night around... 10:30 pm - Jami and I got a wild hair and decided to go out on the town. We met some friends there, we (I) drank too much and got really brave - so when a middle aged wangster came in with his 15 year old girlfriend and started break dancing in the middle of the dance floor, ofcourse i had no choice but to try and make friends with them. I go sauntering over the dance floor, half sloshed, my whole table of friends watching, and before i can even get all the way across the room, his woman comes bolting out of her seat, grabs me by the wrists with her nasty crack fingernails, and hisses "hes my man, you get away, just turn and walk away". Bahahahahah. And that's when i started giggeling like a maniac right in her face. I thought i was going to pee my pants. So here we are, her angry, holding my arms and trying to stare me down - me clapping my hands like a seal and laughing hysterically, the whole table just staring at us with  their mouths open.

Moral of the story - i don't think i'd be very useful in a physical confrontation, but at least i would burn some calories laughing while i got my butt kicked.

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