Friday, November 2, 2012


Well geez it has been quite some time since i've written a post! So many things have happened - for instance, i moved across the state, worked at the Army Depot, learned lots, had fun, got a job offer back on my regular side of the state, took it and moved home. Now that that's all caught up lets get on to the good stuff.
Every October i work the evenings at Lone Pine's haunted corn maze. I am very, ridiculously, childishly, afraid of the dark and believe it or not that little phobia really limited the positions available to me at the haunted corn maze.... which is outside... in the dark.... with scary things that jump out at you...  So i take tickets at the front gate. Last year i discovered something incredible - the dark is not as scary when you're the scary thing in the dark- i.e. when I put on a creepy mask and walk around and people scream and jump out of my way, suddenly the dark is just not intimidating to me at all.
This year i didn't have much opportunity to go into the maze and since i stand in a tent in the lights i had to take it a step further and go out and get a costume of something that a good majority of people are scared of even in broad daylight - clowns. One night this guy comes up to me and tells me that his date is very, ridiculously, childishly, afraid of clowns and asks that i please get lost for a minute so that he can convince her to go into the maze with him. I was reluctant at first but eventually gave in just to get rid of him. So they go into the maze and i go on about my business. About 10, or 15 minutes later (i had forgotten all about them at this point), i'm about 10 feet from the tent and i hear Jordan and T.J. (co-workers) yelling, Kati come quick, this girl is scared of clowns, chase her!! It happens all the time that we scare people in the parking lot as they are coming or going, so i take their directions and go slowly jogging out into the parking lot after her. Next thing i know, this girl turns and sees me over her shoulder, screams bloody murder, goes into full hysterical, fight-for-her-life-mode, and sprints full speed ahead into a fence (not a little, easy-to-miss electric fence or anything, a full on hogpanel, huge, 6' tall fence) - then after she hits the fence, apparently just comes to the realization that escape is impossible and crumbles into a little sobbing mess at the bottom of the fence begging for her life. It was a like a scene straight from Law and Order. I threw of my mask and tried to reason with her and calm her down but she was just rocking back and forth, hugging herself and sobbing loud enough that everyone else in the parking lot slowed down to watch the show.
It was AMAZING! Well at the time it was awful, i felt like poo about it. But in hind-site, hysterical. Especially funny because, as it turns out, she was on a blind date with the guy who had earlier asked me to leave so she could get in. He was standing patiently at the tent watching the whole show and when i came walking back in he asked if it would be insensitive of him to go back in and finish the maze. Also, I am absolutely not going to feel bad about scaring someone who paid to be scared, i did my job right...? right?

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  1. So its advertised as a haunted corn maze right? Pretty sure if you pay for a haunted corn maze you are paying to not only be scared, but to probably be chased by something scary as well. I know that's what I go there for when I feel like stomaching the entry fees. And GREAT story Kati Sue! Makes me want to work there next year lol