Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garage Sales... bleck

I happened to be down at Chad's parent's house tonight having dinner when Chad called them to check in (he has been working out of town). From what i could hear of the conversation he had with his dad, it sounded like he wanted to make sure that i was still getting my normal dose of "life lessons according to Chad" even though he wasn't around to learn me stuff - so Dana (his dad) agreed to help out by teaching me a daily, valuable, life lesson. Today's lesson - (I got as soon as he hung up the phone) "don't drive the bobcat when there is a chain blocking your breaks". Fair enough, seems reasonable.

I have spent the last few days sitting in a lawn chair in a garage trying to sell junk to cheap people. There is nothing worse than garage sales - and nothing weirder than garage salers. I believe that the craziest, backwards-iest, wackos come out of the woodwork for garage sale season. I mean, literally climb out of their deep, dark holes, way way back in the woods and ride their mules to town. I've been in a state of full-blown anxiety attack for over 48 hours now.

 The good news is that i convinced my co-garage salers to close down early for the day and call it quits until next year. So we pack everything up into boxes, take down all the signs, put the boxes onto a flatbed trailer and back trailer into chad's parking structure (lights off and everything). About two hours after we are all packed up i'm sitting inside watching tv and my dogs start going crazy - so i walk outside, and sure e-freaking-nough theres a little old couple wandering around our garage opening up the boxes. What the hell!? You know the little old couple from dirty dancing who steals wallets? I think it may have been that same couple. I couldn't even get mad or give them the what-for because my mouth was just locked wide-open in disbelief. I knew there was a reason why i've always been on edge around old people - you just can't trust them. They try to use their sweet, old school, wrinkly bodies to distract you from their schemes, i'm not buying it.

Well i'm up in Bellingham visiting Chad-  i will let you know if anything worth writing about comes up!

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