Saturday, June 9, 2012

Got the job! Whoooo

My official start date in Pendleton is June 25! Finally, i will have a reason to leave the house during the week. I've gotten pasty and depressed over the last few months - i probably don't even remember how to communicate with people. I'll be like a coma patient who just woke up and has to relearn how to talk and eat and .... come to think of it, i think i'm thinking more of a person with a head injury, not a coma patient. Oh well, you get the jist.
So much for a blog about learning to be an adult! I'll be living in a small apt. by myself in Pendleton eating fast food everyday.
Meanwhile.... a few things have been happening here lately. Tally and i took an agility class. She started off well, i mean really well. I was blown away at how fast she took to it. Our instructor told us that out of my whole class she predicted we would be the only two who went on to the next class - and i think she jinxed us by saying that. The last two weeks of class Tally just went into full Class-Clown mode. She would line up in front of her set (obsticles) and when i would ask her to sit and wait for her cue to go - she would instead lay down, roll over, belly crawl, try to shake hands, go through all of her tricks and then turn to the audience and run to each of them individually before running back and doing the course backwards. Apparently it's not kosher to beat a puppy in a room full of animal lovers so i just had to sit and pull my hair out and watch her perform. I skipped the very last class because I knew i would get stressed out of my mind if she had another bad day... i'm immature, and i like winning... Here are a few pictures of my little clown in action:

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