Sunday, June 3, 2012


I failed to mention that i have now been unemployed for exactly two months. The first week was fun, catching up on stuff around the house. The second week was nice, playing susie homemaker. The rest of it has been hell. Actual bored stiff hell. So i've expanded my job search to the entire state. Last week I had an interview with a construction company in Hermiston. Jolene happened to have a babysitter (husband) for the day of the interview, and the day after, so we got a hotel in Pendleton and made a night of it.
Here's how it all started - aka - the story of the night that Kati/Jolene were the life of Pendleton:

Well it was a Thursday night, (apparently Pendleton doesn't do thirsty Thursday?) we got a shuttle from our hotel to downtown, had a nice dinner and commenced bar hopping. The first bar was dead... i mean dead. Me, Jolene and the bartender (Josie - nice guy). We couldn't very well walk in and then just walk out, so we sat down for a quick drink... before long - this couple came sauntering in -

 They started playing pool and seemed like they were fun and maybe a little drunk - so next thing i knew Jolene was composing this:
Not the best picture, but the napkin says "we challenge you to a game of beer pong - signed, the ladies at the bar". The bartended deliver our note, the couple agreed, we taught them how to play - the bartender set the stage -
(Right after i took this picture he turned the lights off, turned on two spotlights, and started "eye of the tiger" on the jukebox) and so began the best night ever (in Pendleton, on a thursday).
Turns out people from the street could hear us hooping and hollaring and before long we had teams lined up to join the competition. When we got bored and left to go to another bar the crowd followed and as word spread that we were playing at this new bar folks just started showing up left and right (clearly these people are starved for entertainment?). It was a blast. Just wanted to document since i think my drinking buddy and i are maxed out on fun nights for the year and this will probably be our last for quite some time. Great night... i don't feel very confident about the interview, but dang... great night.

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  1. Haha awesome Kati!! I love that you are blogging again! More, give me MORE!