Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I have to give myself props for being able to live a completely drama free life lately - but then again I never hang out with anyone anymore, except my dog and my Chad. Is it weird that no matter how much you try to avoid the spats they always seem to come along with every sort of socializing? I guess spats isn't the right word - maybe ... disagreements? No that's not right either. I guess what i'm trying to say is the way that you can interpret what other people say. Like, that was weird that he said that... i wonder why he would say that... was he trying to tell us something... should i say something back... should i just ignore it...? Either way i'm going to act totally weird the next time i see these people just incase they were trying to insult me...  It's frustrating. Ignorance is surely bliss. How do most adults handle these things? I am clearly still in the stage between teenage girl and adult and it seems like i can either choose to go full on crazy negative reaction or just completely ignore.... how do you find that middle ground? How do those people come about that seem to be so well liked and friendly and yet still get in their fair share of confrontation whenever the opportunity presents itself? I guess what i'm wondering is how do i become more of a politician - are there classes or something or is this just something i can expect to make sense in ten or twenty years from now?

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