Monday, June 11, 2012

Learnin' me good

Chad loves to think that he is teaching me to be more and more like him and everytime i say something that sounds like something he would say, or i use one of his phrases he says, "Kathy (he calls me Kathy because it annoys me) I'm learnin' you real good". (learnin' as in teaching, we talk dumb in Cheshire). There's really no point to why I just told you all that, just an insight.

 It never fails that when Chad leaves home everything around here starts going wrong. Does that happen to anyone else? I live a relatively easy and simple life until Chad is in a different area code and then things start crashing to pieces. Well, Chad left town to work on a big job in Washington two days ago - and here is what has happened since:

Saturday- I get a last minute invitation to go to Sisters rodeo. Get to the rodeo an hour late and it's sold out. Wander around for an hour or so until an opportunity to sneak in presents itself. Sneak into the rodeo. Friends wallet gets stolen. Friend is so upset at loss of wallet that she cannot enjoy herself and we leave the rodeo early.  Friend is so upset at loss of wallet and early departure from rodeo that she fails to pay attention to the status of her gas level before leaving sisters.

Midnight - run out of gas East of Vida. Friend does not want to call her family for fear of upsetting them. I call and wake up, and upset, my ENTIRE family after no one will answer their cell phones and i'm forced to call the house phone. Brother comes to our rescue and takes me back to my truck in Thurston.

Sunday - arrive home around 1:30 AM. Wake up at 6 to prepare for a day at the coast with Chad's family. Pack and depart. Ride for most of the day, great day, beautiful and fun. Around 3 pm we run into a friends mom and stepdad in the parking lot with their brand new RZR (a very expensive toy). They offer to let us take the rzr for spin. Chad's mom drives, i am passenger, we go for a nice and easy stroll around the dunes. Then we run into Chad's sister. She wants to take a turn driving. She and Chad's mom switch rides, i am still passenger. I make a smart ass comment - "Lets jump it! Hell, let's roll it!" 3 minutes later we roll said RZR. (Jolene claims i jinxed us...given the circumstances it's very likely). 3:30 pm, Jolene and Kati are trapped upside down in the RZR hanging by seatbelts. I find the series of events to be hilarious and start having a laughter seizure. I am still laughing when our rescuers come. Family does not find the idea of us potentially destroying a 15,000 dollar toy as funny as i did. Mood for the day is ruined.

It is now officially Monday - i am trying to be extra cautious and safe, i will keep you updated.

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