Monday, June 18, 2012

geez louise

{I decided to use a picture of something that made me happy instead of something that actually pertained to this blog...}

Yesterday I babysat my neice/GodChild, Parker. The last time i babysat her she was fresh out of the hospital, still drinking bottles, sleeping most of the time, and staring off at ceiling fans and lights and other like-entertainment for hours on end. Now she is almost 2. I think that kids have this sensor where they can tell if adults know what they're doing or not, like a radar type of thing - or maybe they can smell fear or something... i dont' know... all I know is this girl had my number right off the bat.

Now, unless I'm at a drinking establishment, I like to maintain a composed appearance when in public. I feel that expressing emotion is like pooping or picking your nose - just expunging garbage from the body - and since I would never poop or blow my nose in public, neither would I express any negative emotion. Well tell me - how the heck am I supposed to conceal negative emotion when i'm chasing down a screaming laughing toddler in the middle of a crowded market and petting zoo? I mean this girl was climbing the animal pens and screaming bloody murder like I was trying to abduct her when i would drag her out - she was running into other people's family pictures and stealing animal food from the other kids. She collected chicken eggs and then threw them at the chickens. Tell me how the heck you run as fast as you can in 85 degree weather with nasty sweaty, slippery flip-flops on and a smile on your face?!

I was so relieved to get out of public and back to Chad's granny's house for dinner only to have my face kicked in when i tried to change her diaper - and then witness a full-blown temper tantrum under the table when I asked her to eat dinner. My God - I tell ya, i'm sorry to admit that over the last few years there have been a few times when i've thought, man, kids aren't that bad, maybe I might like to have some someday..... Well I am rethinking that! I should have stuck with my gut - i've never been good with kids - i've always liked the animals.... and aside from a few emergency room visits (via one gorgeous, schizophrenic, grey mare) animals have never steared me wrong. I think I will stick to what I know and leave the child bearing/training to you braver, crazier women.
{Don't let the adorableness fool you- this ones wild!}

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