Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Filler

First, a little about myself. This blog is in no-way intended to be a cheap stab at my mother. She is a great 'woman'. She raised 4 kids, is a super neat freak and had dinner on the table every night - but for whatever reason, I was always more interested in being a dirty, outdoorsy, ruffian, hooligan and she never forced me otherwise. The recent turn of events that has caused me to change my ways is the fact that all the women in my boyfriends family are super-freaks of nature. We are talking great jobs, impecable houses, manicured lawns, and well-mannered children type of women who can pull 5-course meals out of their asses. Im afraid that if i don't change my ways these women might recognize that I am dating way out of my league and encourage Chad (boyfriend/golden child) to raise his standards.
{Here we are at the mall last Christmas}
This picture brings me to my next point. We have two dogs. Chad's dog, Peter, is a Border Collie/Coyote cross - aka - long haired mess. My dog, Riley, is a vicious blue heeler. After she bit the neighbor (Chad's sister) i had no choice but to take her to a less populated area (my parents house) to live until further notice. When she was knocked up by my brother's visiting friend's Border Collie, Chad and I mutually decided to keep one of the friendlier puppy versions of Riley, Tally (aka long haired mess No. 2).
{The reasons why i slave constantly to keep a clean house}
Well, more to come - but it's  beautiful day... i should probably be washing windows or something.

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